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Am I a brat?
Sunday, July 8, 2012 | 11:15 PM | 0 Sweet Cupcake
dear bloggy,
   i'm now in the sch's ICT room and AM I A BRAT FOR THIS CRIME? well, i dont know but what i DO know is i enjoy doing this. :D
    after reading a book by am Indian fellow, Confession of a Listmaniac, i was inspired to write one too. i'm in a middle of publishing it and i promise to let my loyal readers to always catch up about my so-called book.
    again, am i a brat for this? i mean, i barely pay attention to what my classmates blabber in front. well, we're in science class and they are talking about  minerals-that-we-so-called-care.
    and Mr. Jawlan is just in front of me and guess what? he doesnt notice anything. that's the best part being a "brat".
    i should be stop typing cause it's the last presentation and the bell's gonna ring soon. so, yea, i let you know, reader, YOU ARE SOOOOOO SPECIAL :3

Sunday, July 1, 2012 | 11:40 PM | 0 Sweet Cupcake
dear bloggy,
  wassup readers? haha, im typing fast cause im in the sch ict room. :P my science teacher asks us to do some research on silicons and silicates but i am here blogging. 4 minutes left so im just gonna say that i finally found the guy from Smk Lohan's blog. his name is Elvivien and his preety.. well... cute. :3 
  ignoring teacher'sorders like a boss. yea, i know its not cool but im banded to online until PMR finish. what a pity. the ring bells oredy, man.. btw, u are special. bye! :D

newborn geek ;)
Wednesday, June 27, 2012 | 9:31 PM | 0 Sweet Cupcake
dear blog, 
   so long oredy i didnt write, huh? well, it has been two weeks since i went to KRK class camp. before the camp, i was a slut. being in a special case class was not enough for me to boost up my studying spirit. but after the camp, i felt like a newborn geek indeed! haha. :D i started to be all rajin to study, cant wait to come home from sch juss to face the books! i stopped taking siestas as it is the factor of weak brains.
   i sacrificed for my class. hell yeaa i did baa! they were very jealous when they saw the other KRK-ians have their own KRK shirts without hesitations, neck ties and stuff. the least we can do is making a tag for each one of us. and that "we" who's making it was brenda and i.bought the things with my own money and brenda designed and printed the tags. we are ssooo rajin ;P
   but then, the guys in our class suddenly were haunted by hesitation. *jeng, jeng, jeng :O i was so mad when they didnt wear the tags. i mean, they wanted it so badly at first but now, they wont wear. hey! that's my money, oky? i didnt even asked u guys to pay me even a penny. =..= im not THAT rich like "ya'll". 
   bhaaa, i have to stop typing oredy. soo, incase u forgot, i'll make u remember only if u keep reading my stories. hey u, remember aa.. u are beautiful, precious cause God made u. :)

Friday, May 18, 2012 | 5:28 AM | 0 Sweet Cupcake
dear bloggy,
  today is the first day of our exam. first paper? BKD. its embarrassing but, how could anyone KadazanDusun blooded do not know the word "front" in her own mother tongue's language. well, ladies and gents, ask me. im good at it. huh.. im greatful enough in PMR i wont have to dive into the BKD paper. oh, Dusun master, forgive me for my ignorance. 
  history was okayyyy.. only the problem was, what i have studied with my buddies, turned out didnt show up in today's paper. instead, what we have not studied, came out! insane, isnt it? well, people said its lumrah dunia..  well, the heck?! i say, its out of my world!
  today is the first time the dude ignore me since the first time we talked. uh, it was an epic ignoresity. (do that word exist anyway?) i dont know who's fault was it. i mean, i saw him first but i thought he wasnt looking at me but then when we passed each other, he seems to not to see me. oh, that was embarrassing! =='
  man, i fell in love with his grin and sharp look he tends to shoot me. aww.. anyway, i CANNOT be patient with the patience. i CANNOT wait for le' holiday. eventhough my teacher says, i shouldnt cause PMR is about 5 months ahead so, yea, who am i kidding, PMR IS around the corner. \
  well, imma watch movies with my lil bro tonight. BIG SCREEN, wait for me cause mama is coming to town. B)

what doesn't kill make me stronger
Wednesday, May 16, 2012 | 6:52 AM | 0 Sweet Cupcake
dear bloggy,
  for the past few days, i had been through some rough and cloudy days. but God led me with His hands. i thought im finished and doomed but, He kept giving me wisdom to bust those shitty stuff. with His help, i did. today i realised that the pains made me stronger and learnt that those pains doesn't kill me. it make me stronger and mature, instead. :]
  friday is the starting day of our examinations. before this, i thought i'll be dead in front of the paper but, through the lesson of the day, i learnt that exams are ways for us to know how far we understand our studies. so, hello exam! meet my soul. she's your new bestfriend :3
  about that dude.. i expect him as a friend and that is all. no more lovey dovey thing. im on a mission to be a doctor. (as what my grandpa wishes for) seems like i haven't share about my grandpa's needs. well, i respect so much towards my grandpa. he's my idol and always will be. he wants the whole family to become a learned person and that means, i, as a doctor-to-be. im not bragging but im his most beloved grandaughter. well, at least that what he said. so, he expect more from me. he wants me to be a doctor. i repeat, A DOCTOR. the least, he said is to work in the pharmacy. i do love science alot but i am sometimes really is a sluth in studies. , im just going to kick my ass to boost my spirit a little bit higher.
  so, my dad is asking me to sleep. (more like demanding) good night, earthlings. thanks for reading. u know u guys are precious and awesome, right? if u dont, well, i'll tell.. u are :)

le' challenges
Thursday, May 10, 2012 | 7:33 AM | 0 Sweet Cupcake
dear bloggy,
  another day, another page, another story, another stage of life. the dude im in to went to a field trip to KK today. i thought my day would be suck, and then i would bravely pass it through and everything would be just fine. but, please, remind me life aint a fairytale.
  my day went out normal. i was happy at first as i got the chance to talk and share secrets with my bestfriend, Effa. (just like old times before he got all caught up with this senior dude who went to KK as well.)  i could actually focus in class! credits to God. :)
  but then, at the end of the sch, my classmates; a group of which i considere as weird and living in their own fantasy world of friendship, wanted to paint our class but never discuss with the whole class =='. i wanted to help, of course. but they refused, sayig that they weren't going to paint it. so, i went to the lib with Jordean (a trustable guy in my class) he said they ARE goin to paint it. he went home with me in my dad's car and he told me that frankly, the weirdos dont like me at all. so, i said to him, there are alot more interesting things for me to hink about. those people are just at the tip of my stinky toes. ;)
  the dude hasnt text me yet. this is unusual. but, i do not. *repeating, DO NOT feel offended at all. i dont mind anyway.. cause im not the maniac kind of girl who stalk guys everyday. ==' like one of the girls in my sch. suka tunjuk muka d klas sy. sangatla mnyampah! :P
  anyway, i believe after praying and having a good long sleep, the probs i faced today will shoo away by itself. cheers readers! u r one awesome living thing :D

what's all this?
Wednesday, May 9, 2012 | 6:55 AM | 0 Sweet Cupcake
dear bloggy,
  i had this close relationship with one of the guys in my primary class. we were close friends for about 4 years. we shared secrets and stuff until high sch, he went to Smk Nambayan. i, on the other side went to Smk Tambunan. we got seperated but still in contact (mobile, churches) he moved to Sandakan when we were 14 and that made my heart throbbed.
  since the day i knew he moved away, i kept dreaming about him almost every month. one time i dreamt about meeting him in our primary sch canteen and i can still remember how happy i was then. i hugged him, never want to let him go but, i ended up waking up. another time, it was near a river or something. i saw him sitting, wearing a black shirt and i felt like crying- happy to see him but in the same melody, it was like he's dead and what i saw was his soul. :O palllliissss~
  recently my dream was like in some kind of hall crowded with unknown people all around the world and there was my friend, Amita, talking about something i wasnt clear about. i was sitting 3 rows ahead of the dude. as soon as i saw him, i ran to a room at the back of the sits and wore my Taylor Swift dress and got cute enough to see him (what on earth? if its reality, i would run to him) when i went back to see him, i discovered the hall was empty. i was devastated and cried badly enough to shoo away the animals in the woods. and that was it. :/
  i dont know what's actually happening but, after asking some friends, they said he's my soulmate. baaahhh! only God knows about that stuff. i just hope that God will always be before him, tracking and blessing his footsteps. Amen :')